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Types of loan

There are a few different types of loan you could be eligible for. When you search, you’ll be shown options which match your circumstances for you to compare.

Homeowner, or secured loans

This is money you borrow against an asset, like equity in your home. You’ve got to be a homeowner to be eligible which is why they’re often called homeowner or secured loans. You can usually borrow more money, for a longer time and at a lower interest rate with a secured loan (compared to a personal loan). You must keep up repayments on the loan to stop your property being at risk of repossession by the loan provider.

Personal loans

A personal or unsecured loan isn’t linked to something you own, which means lenders will generally assess your ability to repay the loan on your credit profile and personal financial circumstances. This means taking out a personal loan with a low credit score can be more expensive. The amount you could borrow may be lower than a secured loan because the lender has no security against the amount you are looking to borrow. Comparing loans will give you the options that are available based on your circumstances.

Consolidation loans

Combining all your debt into one consolidation loan means one monthly payment instead of several repayments. It can also reduce the overall rate of interest you’re paying, even if you end up repaying for longer. Getting a personalised quote means you’ll be able to compare costs.

Loans for bad credit

Interest rates will usually be higher than average for those with a lower credit score. It can be more expensive or difficult to take out a personal loan, depending on the loan amount you need. Lenders may ask for security from you to offer this type of loan, usually a loan secured against your property.

Representative examples

A Representative APR (annual percentage rate) or APRC (annual percentage rate of charge) is the annual interest rate charged by a lender. It lets you compare the prices of products between different lenders.

Personal loan

Representative example: 34.9% APRBorrowing: £4,000 over 24 monthsInterest and repayments: 30.31% (fixed) per annum, with monthly payments of £224.29Total amount payable: £5,382.96Lenders accessible on this site offer unsecured loans from £1,000 to £25,000 over terms between 1 and 7 years with APRs from 5.40% to 252.67%.

Homeowner loan

Representative example: 9.32% APRCBorrowing: £75,000 over 15 yearsInterest and repayments: A five-year fixed rate of 8.00%, and the remaining 10 years on the lender's variable rate, currently 8.00%. You'll make 60 monthly payments of £758.12 and 120 monthly payments of £758.12, if interest rates don't change.Fees: Lender fee £1,295, Broker fee £3,000.Total amount payable: £136,461.60. Made up of the loan amount, interest and fees.Lenders accessible on this site offer loans from £10,000 to £250,000 repayment periods from 3 to 40 years and rates between 5.90% to 29.40% APRC.

Dependent on the product you need and are eligible for, 51% of customers get these rates or lower.

Eligibility criteria and lender terms and conditions apply.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it. If you are thinking of consolidating existing borrowing you should be aware that you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the total amount you repay.