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We are Everything Financial Limited and the website you are on now is a free, online comparison service that allows you to compare hundreds of financial products. We exist to make finding a financial product or financial advice easier. We offer expert ratings provided by Defaqto so you can make informed choices about the quality of the product and how that measures up in terms of its price and its features.

We provide smart eligibility checks for personal loans of all shapes and sizes so you can see what you qualify for without impacting on your credit score. If you’re looking to buy your first home or take the next step on the property ladder you can use our mortgage calculator and see how much you can afford to borrow. If you’re an existing home owner you can quickly look to see how much you could reduce your mortgage payments with a remortgage. If you own a business, you can find the best business bank account, find a loan or easily obtain the appropriate insurances for you to operate confidently into the future. We cover insurance, investments, travel money and much much more, we are Everything Financial.


Everything Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We can be found on the FCA register with firm reference number 742815. The FCA is the independent regulator for financial services and financial markets in the UK. The FCA set the rules and standards that we must adhere to. You can trust us to have your best interests at the heart of everything we do.

Information on our website is for general information purposes only and shouldn't be seen as financial advice or a recommendation to purchase any product or service. If you're unsure about which product or service to choose, we suggest you seek independent professional advice before purchasing it via our website.

Everything Financial takes reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of published data from third parties but cannot accept responsibility for any direct or consequential loss incurred from the use or reliance on the information published.

You can trust every company we list as we conduct thorough checks to make sure they meet the high standards you should expect. We're not able to recommend their products, or guarantee the standard of the service they offer.

How we make money

Whilst our website is completely free for you to use, we are a business and we need to pay our bills, our staff and hopefully make a little on top as a reward for creating and providing a great site that does the job for you and our partners. As is the case with most comparison sites we receive an income from most of the companies listed on our site. The payment we get from our partners will never change the amount you pay for your home, money or insurance product. We do list many products where we do not receive any fee but still make them available to you to check out. Where we offer this service please use the filter, show unaffiliated products, and you can see the widest range possible. The way we get paid by our partners differs depending on the type of product – some of the ways we’re paid include:

A Flat Fee

For example, we get a set amount if you open a new bank account through a link on our website or make an energy switch with one of our partners.

A Commission Fee

A commission payment is normally a percentage of total insurance policy, total loan taken out, or total mortgage taken out.

A Click Through Fee

If you click to one of the sites listed on our site, for example, a credit card we may receive a fee for when you click on the credit card providers link.

Special Placement Fee

Some partners may wish to increase their presence on our site by operating a direct advert with greater prominence than standard listing and pay us for the greater exposure to their product.

Do you compare everyone?

We make money by having a commercial relationships with companies that pay to list on our site, however, there are some we cannot list because they do not want their products listed on comparison websites, some do not have suitable technology, some may be currently working on partnering with us, some may not like us (not sure why?) and others cannot handle the volume of enquiries we send them.

Keeping your data safe

We know that feeling safe online is extremely important to our users and we are very strict with how we protect your data. Please read our Privacy Policies.

Want to know more?

To get in touch please visit our Contact us page.

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